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Forschung GartenCoop

Fikri, der 2013 hier in Freiburg war, hat eine Forschung zur GartenCoop gemacht und schreibt gerade seine Masterarbeit.

Er hat mich gebeten den Fragebogen (s. unten) an Mitgliedern der GartenCoop zu schicken und würde sich auf Rückmeldungen sehr freuen.

Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung! C. Fritsch  (Bitte an: schorr.e@web.de ausgefüllt zurückschicken! Danke!)


My name is Fikri Yathir. Currently, I am a student of Cultural Anthropology Department of University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I made this inquiries on behalf of my undergraduate thesis which now I am in the process of.

On June 2013, I went to Freiburg and conducted a research on Garten Coop for a month which then I found it intriguing to continue the investigation for my final assignment as precondition for graduation.

Given the data collection from my previous research, I am encouraged to dig more about the perspective or point of view from the members or participants of Garten Coop to fulfill the need of my thesis topic under the umbrella research question on the dynamic of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) operated in Garten Coop. CSA itself in short is a model of agriculture that promotes direct link between farmers as producers and consumers, ecological respects, sharing risk and solidarity, etc for the sake of sustainable agriculture.  

As required below, please answer all the questions freely and completely. I guarentee all the names will not be mentioned, either I will turn them to pseudonyms or not mention it at all. Moreover, all the personal information required here such as name and email will stay in my private knowledge that I will keep confidential. In addition, if anything comes up in my wonderment after reading all the answers, I hope you wouldn’t mind for this kind of interview carries on. Don’t worry, it will be on your consideration and consent. I will ask for that in advance.    

That you very much for dedicating your time to fill the questions. I am wishing you the best luck in whatever you are doing and will be doing. Vielen dank!



Questions on your engagement in Garten Coop

1.       How did you know about Garten Coop? What made you want to join? Do you know other cooperative, organization, community working on similar issue? Why did you prefer Garten Coop?

2.       How was the process of you becoming a member of Garten Coop? How actively engaged are you in Garten Coop (do you regularly come to work in Tunsel and attend the assembly or meeting or other events)? How would you describe the atmosphere there?

3.       Do you know about economic solidarity and sharing risk in Garten Coop? What do you think of them? Do you know any other shared values? What do you think of them?

4.       How do you see the future of Garten Coop? What is your critic or advice?


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